Friday, October 30, 2009

SCRATCHbread video docs

Videographer Liza de Guia is working on a series of mini-docs about local food artisans and the project is turning into her own online version of the food network. I watched her two part series on Matthew Tilden's SCRATCHbread and was completely floored.  I love it when people are passionate about food but I have to say I had never heard anybody use the word "sexy" to refer to a lump of dough. Tilden's intensity is fascinating and just a little bit unsettling. This video will make you look at breadmaking in a whole new light.

The second part of the SCRATCHbread mini-doc features chef Juventino Avila of get Fresh Table &  Market, one of my favorite restaurants in Park Slope. As you watching Avila preparing chai French toast made with SCRATCHbread, creme anglaise, lemongrass, anise, green cardamom and cinnamon (not to mention the chocolate nibs that are baked into the bread!) you start to notice a similar level of intensity. Here also, food is considered a living being and gets treated with respect.

Thanks to our friends at Brooklyn Based for this really cool tip.

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